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Anoghia / West Crete

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The village of ▶ Anoghia has an astonishingly wide supply in tavernas and ▶ kafenions of most different types and styles.

Furthermore there are weddings, baptisms and other parties every few days, and up here they are always of large scale.

Next to the lower part of the village they have recently built a by-pass, because in the evening cars can not enter the village anymore as the street fills with tables for the parties.
distance Kafenion
distance Taverna Delina - Painting by Alkibiades Skoulas
In a corner of the lower part of the village there is also the private folklore museum of ▶ Alkibiades Skoulas. In his old ages he began to paint the memories of his life.

In a naive and simple style his paintings tell stories of the end of the Turkish occupation time on Crete, peoples' daily life and of the dreadful events of World War II.

Today, Alkibiades' oldest son Georgios cares for the museum, and he is also Marina's father.
Health Tourism

The dentist Evi Papadaki-Ninou (University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, Germany) has her office in the city of Rethymnon, and just around the corner there is the prosthetic dentistry plant cretadent where they use tools and material from Germany as well.

Holiday-makers who speak English or German can therefore use their vacation for having dental crowns, pontics, dentures etc. manufactured and applied.
distance Grinding machine
Due to the low wage level in Greece, dental prosthesis is much cheaper here.
distance Kiss on the beach
Weddings in Crete

In Rethymnon in a side lane of the beach road, there is a small enterprise which specializes in professional organization of private events.

Annika Schneider and Caroline Austen who run the "moments" enterprise are experts. They arrange weddings, engagements, vow renewals, honeymoons, anniversaries, baptisms, jubilees, birthdays and other festivities in the entire area of Rethymnon.
And they care for every detail from choosing the appropriate locations and venues up to procuring all essential papers and documents.
Costa Costa's

optician's workshop hides in the Gherakari street in the inner city of Rethymnon.

Costantino Costa passed his professional training in Italy and then worked at Duesseldorf (Germany) for some time before he came to Rethymnon in 1996.

In Greece, the low wage level makes glasses and contact lenses considerably cheaper than in many other countries.
distance Dioptries adaption
Tools and materials do however not suit for saving expenses, as for quality reasons they are predominantly ordered from Germany and come at their prices.
Friends of Animals - Rethymno, inc.

cares for the animal welfare in the area of Rethymnon. Here in Crete, this predominantly means to find caring owners for stray dogs and cats, mainly abroad.

Many animal lovers already help during their holidays and e.g. drive pets to the airport or volunteer as flight escorts.

More active help is always very welcome, and so are donations.


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